Calgary St Andrew’s Golf Course

St. Andrews community got its start in 1912 when the local golfers decided a club would be just what they needed. Calgary was at the peak of the Development Boom. The Calgary Herald write up on April 29, 1912 summed up the event very well.

“At a crowded meeting of golfers held on Saturday night in the offices of Messrs. Bloomfield and Sellar, at 14 Alexander corner, there was formally inaugurated a new golf club, which is certain to play a big part in the athletic life of our city. There are many sets of golf clubs stowed away in the corners of rooms which have seen much service in far-off lands owning to the lack of facilities to play. These will shortly be gripped and handled, and the shout of “fore” will re-echo through the Bow Valley.

Already 120 names have been enrolled, amount them some of the most prominent citizens of Calgary. The membership is limited to 250, and applications are pouring in, so those who desire to join and have not initiated their intentions will require to do so at once. The subscription is $10 for gentlemen and $5 for ladies, who will be admitted under reasonable restrictions.

Through the kindness of E.H.Riley, ground has been secured free of charge on the heights adjoining Parkdale, lying on a plateau and tapering to a point. The course commands magnificent views with the city lying at its feet on the east and the Rockies towering along the skyline on the west. A course of eighteen holes has been already sketched out and a green committee appointed to have the course put in order at the earliest possible moment.”

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  1. I would like to thank Al Rasmuson and Don Smith. Without their help and motivation the story of Calgary St. Andrew’s Golf course would not have happened.
    Regards and respect
    Marcel Hébert

    1. Marcel, thanks for your research and the organization of your and Don’s material into the presentation.
      Al Rasmuson

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